Ambiente y Territorio SA is a service company, composed of an interdisciplinary group of professionals specialized in environment, safety and hygiene, mining, energy, agro-industry and urban planning. We have extensive experience providing advice to the public and private sector, non-governmental organizations and individuals. We are certified to operate at the national level and in different provinces, with s wide variety of experiences throughout the country.


Grupo de Estudios del Medio Ambiente S.R.L. (Laboratorio GEMA)

Grupo de Estudios del Medio Ambiente S.R.L. (Laboratorio GEMA)

GEMA SRL is a company located in the city of La Plata, made up of professionals and technicians from different areas (geology, chemistry, geophysics, microbiology, engineering, etc.) with more than 15 years of experience in issues related to the assessment of environmental pollution.
It has its own laboratory, certified by the COFILAB (Control Board of Laboratories) and qualified as an industrial analysis laboratory by the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS). Laboratory certified according to ISO9001-2008 Standard.


Estudio de Agrimensura Nadalich & Asociados

Estudio de Agrimensura Nadalich & Asociados

‘A family business that works for the future, with today's technology and the same old experience’.
Personal attention and commitment to each project are the answers our customers find.
Permanent training and constant innovation allow us to reach the proposed goals along our more than 25 years of experience.


Fundación Eco-Desarrollo

Eco-Desarrollo Foundation is a non-profit organization, composed of an interdisciplinary group of professionals in various areas, specializing in the environment, and with a great vocation for environmental conservation and sustainable development.
Among its main objectives are:

. the development of research activities, studies and projects that aim to promote the preservation and restoration of places of great ecological, historical, cultural, archaeological, and landscape importance, and the protection of biodiversity;

. the sustainable development of tourism as a vital factor in the development of communities;

. the creation of protected, public and private areas and the training of environmental researchers and specialists;

. the promotion of educational activities aimed at strengthening cultural issues in general and the environment in particular;

. the publication and dissemination of magazines, brochures, and books.